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LOWA has long been recognised for delivering comfort. The essential elements in providing comfort in footwear are; the last, the choice of materials, the construction and craftsmanship to provide the right fit.
Straight out of the box LOWA boots are comfortable but we want to be able to customise the FIT for you even further to cater for the possible variation in size of your feet.
Research has shown that everyone has mis-mated feet in one dimension or another. In purchasing a pair of LOWA boots it is important to measure both feet and begin fitting the larger of the two feet.
What we are aiming for in a “GOOD FIT” is to have sufficient space in the forefoot for the foot to move biomechanically as it is intended to do and to be well laced back into the heel pocket to effect good heel coupling. There should be plenty of space in front of the longest digit.
We have devised a Fitting System which helps to optimise the fit on the smaller foot with the addition of a SHIM which fits under the foot bed in the boot to effectively reduce the volume by approximately half a size. Should the disparity between the two feet be more extreme then two shims can be used to further improve the outcome.
Some other things to consider which will enhance your comfort and experience:
- When putting on boots fully open up the laces and insert your foot without stretching the sock.- Set the bellows tongue in carefully so that the creases down each side are formed symmetrically. Kick back into the heel then lace up.
- You will be rewarded for taking this extra time; additionally you might consider the use of a technical sock as discussed under enhance your comfort, YOUR FEET WILL FEEL BETTER.

Enjoy your adventures in COMFORT.