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Women's Comfort

Women's Comfort

Women have become one of the driving forces in the outdoor market and their buying power is here to stay. That's a good thing for LOWA, because once women try our boots, they usually become fiercely loyal to our brand. Why such loyalty? Simple - our women's boots have always been built to fit women's feet and legs. LOWA understands that it’s important to build a women’s boot with true women’s lasts and design boots with women-only features.

The Women’s fit is distinctly different to that of a man and at LOWA we build footwear to exactly cater for their needs, in comfort. They typically have narrower heels and thus proportionally wider forefeet with higher arches which can create sensitive areas on the top of the instep. Coupled with that, there is considerable variability in the lower calf and Achilles region and thus the need to accommodate those variations in comfort. Additionally we need to compensate for the fact that they generally have less padding than men’s feet.

LOWA have created the following Women’s Specific Features to deliver the best fit and provide the most comfort.

Let’s explain some of those unique LOWA Women’s boot features:

WOMEN’s Last
The last is the deciding factor for the fit of a shoe. In order to guarantee optimal fit for a women's foot, LOWA utilises a different women's last for every category.
The LOWA Women’s last is narrower in the heel of the foot and therefore proportionately broader in the forefoot and with a slightly higher instep and modified toe box.

WOMEN’s Comfort Cuff
To cater for the variation in women’s lower calf and Achilles region our boot uppers are cut lower and the height compensated by the inclusion of a softer (durable) specially shaped cuff at the top of each boot unique to each style for optimal comfort.
We also have a tab which cradles the Achilles tendon which can release considerable pressure when going downhill. Featured in the following women’s boots: MAURIA GTX WXLGAVIA GTX & ALBULA GTX WXL