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We are proud to be able to present to you, a selection of the most comfortable quality boots, handcrafted in Europe.

We trust that no matter if you are a hard-out tramper, backpacker, hiker, a mountaineer, an avid hunter or a weekend warrior, you will find information here,  to assist you find a comfortable solution to your needs.

You have made the first good decision by arriving on this site in which we are dedicated to providing you with a tool that:

•    Assists you to find the right boot, based BY ACTIVTY and BY TERRAIN
•    Only two clicks away and BY PRODUCT all the boots details are at your fingertips
•    Provides you with ideas of how to ENHANCE YOUR COMFORT
•    Provides you with step by step instruction on BOOT CARE
•    Gives you the ability to COMPARE our boots side by side, feature for feature
•    Describes the unique and often exclusive INNOVATIONS features, AND benefits to your walking comfort
•    Quick BOOT Q&A for those common questions: WARRANTY and SIZE CHART
•    Automatic STORE LOCATOR depending on where you live
•    Latest NEWS POST and REVIEWS from our AMBASSADORS

We hope you find the site easy to navigate and you have all your questions answered. Should you require any additional information or have ideas on how we can improve our website, write to us on CONTACT US or call us on 0800 526 776 or email the team at info@beattiematheson.co.nz

Happy trails through our New Zealand LOWA website!
From the TEAM at LOWA.