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Thorlo Socks

THORLO who launched not only the first activity specific engineered padded socks but also the first women’s specific socks, has a very extensive range of Outdoor and other socks that are the perfect complement to LOWA footwear.

So what are they? A collection that takes you all the way from Street to Summit and everywhere in between. The collection covers All Terrain, Trekking/Backpacking and Alpine

Four of the five styles we sell all come into the CTPS (Clinically Tested Padded Socks) category which is all supported by peer reviewed medical research which shows they are proven to reduce pain, pressure, blisters and moisture. In addition to that is the vast amount of anecdotal experience and feedback over many years.

Many people underestimate the comfort and performance that socks can provide in footwear. Thorlos® Clinically Tested Padded Socks (CTPS) are the perfect complement to LOWA boots – here is why:

ENHANCED FIT - everyone has mis-mated feet in some dimension or another and Thorlos®  CTPS because of their construction and the fact that their padding does not collapse under conditions of moisture and pressure (like woollen socks), can act to optimise the fit of your boots especially on the smaller of your two feet.

BLISTER REDUCTION - Thorlos®  CTPS are the only socks with clinical evidence that they reduce blistering through the reduction of shearing forces especially in the forefoot, all other ordinary sock claims are unsupported by any peer reviewed clinical evidence.

PRESSURE REDUCTION - You will be glad at the end of a hike or a hunting trip for the pressure reducing capability that Thorlos®  CTPS can provide, upwards of 25% when new, and properly washed and cared for, can still deliver about half that value after six months – great value, Your Feet Will Feel Better.

MOISTURE MANAGEMENT - Thorlos® CTPS reduce moisture inside your footwear through their ability to wick moisture away from your feet and move it outside of the GORE-TEX lining when fitted. Thorlos® are made from yarns that wick moisture whereas cotton and wool absorb moisture and are in the case of wool are slow to wick.

Find out more about drying out your feet/boots in GORE-TEX lined footwear.

Find the right THORLO socks for your LOWA boots:
Light Hiking, Hiking, Trekking, Mountaineering & Combat


All of this is supported by the promise: YOUR FEET WILL FEEL BETTER.