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LOWA Comfort

What defines Lowa's Comfort?

LOWA is renowned for making comfortable footwear through their attention to the details that matter, the combination of last design, intelligent shoe construction, correct material choice, careful production to produce FIT. That is coupled with good biomechanical functionality, shock absorption, appropriate padding and lacing etc. to produce COMFORT backed by QUALITY.

All this is of little value if the actual footwear is fitted incorrectly.

Everyone has mis-mated feet in one dimension or another. It is important therefore to measure both feet and start fitting the larger of the two feet first. There are several dimensions which are critical to getting good fit, the overall length allowing good space in front of the longest digit, the length from heel to the ball of the foot and of course the width of the foot at the ball.

Ideally what we try to achieve is for the ball of the foot to cradle into that part of the boot (widest) and allowing space in front of the longest toe. Kick back into the heel and lace up. Your toes should not be locked in but visualise them as having enough space to play the piano. The heel should fit snugly and from new a little heel movement is probably OK and should diminish when the soles have flexed and “broken” in.

Apart from the in-built comfort in LOWA boots it is the combination of the foot/sock – (Thorlos)/LOWA boot as a system that delivers the complete comfort package. There are techniques that can assist to optimise the fit between two mis-mated feet, our fitting system and see enhanced comfort.

LOWA boots have earned a reputation for being comfortable through the combination of their design, construction, quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver FIT. This is compromised if the boots are not fitted correctly.