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Boot Care - Must Read

Once having made the wise decision to purchase a pair of LOWA boots the next thing is to look after them on a regular basis, they can never receive too much love.

The majority of issues that develop with boots are due to insufficient or inappropriate use of maintenance products. With most of our footwear being Gore-Tex lined an appropriate cream to nourish the leather and a durable water repellent to bead off the water and prevent the surface of the leather “wetting  out” are required.

With Gore-Tex lined footwear no longer do you have to “stuff” the leather with products to make the leather waterproof, the membrane provides that function and still allows the leather uppers to breathe.

Keeping the leather in its original supple condition should be the goal with constant nourishment to stop the leather drying out and becoming boardy and stiff. Particular emphasis should be placed on the flex point in the forefoot where most of troubles arise; it is like a hinge and requires frequent “lubrication”. It is also the area most exposed to perspiration and some salt build-up which dries the leather out and may cause cracking.

Mud also acts like a desiccant and sucks the nourishment out of the leather and that should be cleaned off promptly and not left to dry out.

After every use be sure to allow the boot to air out and dry properly. Do that by removing the footbed and laces so you pull back the tongue fully to open the boot. When you are preparing to clean and care for the boot the first time you should do the same so that you can reach with your shoe care products into hidden edges and corners such as on the tongue and gusset (bellows).

Avoid leaving the boost in direct sunlight and especially on a back step since the ambient temperature can go well above 50°C and have the same effect as being put alongside a fire. Always dry them out in a well ventilated place away from a direct heat source. Similarly store them (dry) in a cool dry place.

See more detailed instructions on how to clean your boots.